April 2, 2020

Sager Creek Church Body,

For the first time in a few weeks there is not a huge change in the current situation. We will still be live streaming church on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. We are aware that live streaming church is very different from being able to meet together as the body. We did want to pass along some observations that various people have shared.

How to Help Virtual Church Be the Most Fruitful:


Get dressed

While some have really enjoyed getting to go to virtual church in their pajamas, others have found it helpful to get dressed in the morning before the stream. Our minds need to be active to engage worship and teaching and being up and dressed can help this.

Have a Bible or the sermon notes out

The sermon notes are available as a link on the live stream webpage and can also be found on the notes page of the app. Some who usually don’t get the sermon notes have found it helps them be more engaged to the teaching.

Stream to your largest screen possible

Everyone has been watching the live stream in different ways. Some have mentioned that putting the stream on their largest screen has helped them be able to pay attention.

Limit distractions

Some have mentioned that deciding to intentionally watch the stream and limit distractions from their phone or household chores have helped them get the most out of it. 

Watch with your family

Since we can’t be gathered together as a body, some families have found it helpful to gather and watch the stream together. Other families with small children have mentioned they watch the recording at a time when the kids are not awake so they can focus better.

Sing out loud with the music

With virtual church you know longer have to feel self-conscious about what those around you think of your singing voice. So, turn your speakers up and make a joyful “noise” to the Lord.  

We also wanted to update everyone that the church office will start having shortened hours next week until we can be back functioning in a normal capacity. The office will be open Monday – Thursday 10AM to 1PM. The staff will still be available through calls and texts.

Lastly, be watching your mail for instructions about our church wide quarantine Easter egg hunt. We trust that God is going ahead of us and giving all a special grace for this unique period.

-Sager Creek Elders and Staff

Office Address: 1010 S Maxwell, Siloam Springs AR

Phone: 479-524-3577



March 25, 2020

Sager Creek Church Body,


The COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak is a constantly changing situation. Our goal is to keep the body updated on how we are responding as a church. This past Sunday was our first week of having a live streamed service. Overall, the feedback was very positive and most were able to access the stream without a problem. If you were not able to watch the service, please reach out to the church office and we will see how we can help. The live stream is going to serve as the primary way to stay connected through this season. As of right now, all in person services and activities are going to remain cancelled indefinitely until further notice. The elders are going to regularly be in contact during this time and continue to update the church body as things change. 


We also wanted to pass along a few answers to some frequently asked questions that the elders and staff have received:


Is the church office open?

As of right now, the office is still open. For everyone’s safety, the best way to communicate with the staff is through email and calls: 479-524-3577. 


Are the sermon notes available?

The sermons notes are available on Sunday morning from within the app ("Notes" tab), or on the live stream webpage below the video.


Will the Wednesday Night Bible Study be streamed?

Yes, the Wednesday Night Bible Study will be live streamed at 7:00pm beginning tonight. You can access the live stream in all the same places as Sunday. Click here to watch live or find more streaming options.


How can I give?

For those who are interested, we do have online giving. A link has been added to the “Resources” section on the front page of the website. You can also give from the Sager Creek app on the “More Info” tab. Checks can also be mailed to the church office: 1010 S Maxwell St. Siloam Springs.


What about the kid’s ministry?

Cory Newton, our Children’s Director, has put together a Children's 7 Day Activity Pack and started a new Sager Kids Facebook page. If you would like more information about either, please contact her.


What about youth ministry?

Nathan Nall, our Youth Pastor, will be sending out an email to students and parents to describe how he is hoping to stay connected to the students during this time.


Will any donuts be delivered to my house next week during the Live Stream?

Unfortunately, the two Kyles were not able to figure out digital delivery of donuts. We apologize for this inconvenience. 


We are praying for God to continue to give the body the grace needed to stay connected during this unique time. If you are in need of help during this time especially getting out to get groceries etc. please let the church office know and we can help get that taken care of. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the church office.


-Sager Creek Elders and Staff 


Office Address: 1010 S Maxwell, Siloam Springs AR

Phone: 479-524-3577